AARON LEE SNYDER of Columbus, Ohio and Florida


Aaron Snyder was caught and arrested after severely beating his girlfriend, Rhonda Ianni. She is known as Ronnie Hunter, a very popular radio D.J. on the local rock radio station, The Blitz.

Aaron L. Snyder was a musician in a mediocre band at the time and continues to be involved in music in the area of Columbus known as Pataskala. He is in and out of relationships with unsuspecting women and continues to hit and beat up girls to this very day.


Multiple charges have racked up over the years as can be seen on the Franklin County Ohio Public Access court records.


The assault on Ronni Hunter ended with a conviction for Domestic Violence with a suspended sentence in 2012.


Then, in 2016 he was at it again. Beating a woman and arrested. This time however he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of Disorderly Conduct and was fined. To this day he has not paid the fines and drives around WITHOUT a driver license.


Aaron Snyder is a creep. He beats women. 'Nuff said.

Aaron Snyder Beats Women


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