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This site is a place to post and gather information on David Spiggle. David Spiggle is a professional con artist and this page will document these activities.
David Spiggle claims to be a booking agent/promoter in order to rip off musicians and clubs.
Never EVER pay an agent up front and NEVER EVER send money via Western Union unless of course it's a gift that you will never see again!

David Allen Spiggle
The Fuel Agency, Lane Productions, The Lucky 13 Agency
PAGE UPDATED: January 28, 2018 7:12 p.m. -- (Updated "Court Cases")
LATEST VICTIMS:Dan Murphy (Eviction) | Tara Reed (Domestic Violence) | Thomas Oyster ($4,200.10)| MTS Management Group ($250)
Concert Venue (to be announced) | Joseph Ballinger ($thousands in Back Rent)

June 25, 2015 11:09 a.m.:

My GOD! David Spiggle evicted AGAIN! His landlord, Dan Murphy filed the eviction on May 13th, 2015. By June 4th the eviction was over and David Allen Spiggle had vacated the premises.

David ran away hiding... AGAIN!!

Why does this p.o.s. not pay his rent? Has he run out of victims? Has this site done it's job in making sure he doesn't scam any more musicians, clubs or promoters?


P.S. We will be updating everyone on his Domestic Violence case and the conviction David Spiggle received. He's currently on a 2 year probation.

December 28, 2014 5:09 p.m.:

I viewer sent in this picture they found on the internet. It's truly awesome. Take HEED!


This victim created artwork is based on the latest picture from Spiggle sporting ugly goggle like glasses:


December 26, 2014 1:09 p.m.:

Received a message from David Spiggle's domestic violence victim, Tara:


Thank you for stepping up, and to help expose this monster that's walking among us.

You have alot of courage. I admire you for that.

If i can be of further assistance with info of dave the creep let me know please.

Merry Christmas to you!

December 24, 2014 2:09 a.m.:

Well, it's been nearly a year since I've had a chance to update this page...
So So So Much to catch up on... David Spiggle has been a busy little bee.

First and foremost he went and got a girl friend. The last female on planet earth that was so desparate that she hooked up with this weezel. Her name is Tara. She's not really the brightest girl, going out with this guy after knowing about what he does to people. He immediately moved in with her because Mr. Spiggle had no where left to live. It's unfortunate too because Tara's daughter tells me he was very creepy.
Then, she found out things about him, creepy things. Things that caused her to throw him out of her house. But, he wouldn't leave... so she went down and filed eviction papers on him, from her own home.
Well before the court date came he finally left... she dropped the case and somehow, he moved back in yet again. Yes, they made up. But only for a moment.

He creeped her out yet again and this time she threw him out on the street for good. But wait... he wouldn't leave AGAIN! So what did he do? Yes, he hit her and shoved her and all around fucked her up. And yes, he got arrested. The Marion police department finally got their hands on this scumbag and put him in jail.

As if stealing thousands upon thousands of dollars has never been enough for David Allen Spiggle, now he goes and gets caught beating up on a very petite woman. What a PIECE of SHIT!

On November 12, 2014 David Allen Spiggle of 1006 Bermuda Drive, Marion, Oh 43302 (that is the address he gave to police) was arrested for domestic violence.
A woman from Marion named Julie Coakley is responsible for bailing Spiggle out of jail. She must be a real scum bag too!
He has had multiple court dates that he has been continuing.
Where it stands now he has court on January, 21st (1-21-2015) in Marion. If he owes you money he'll probably be at the court house on this day!

More info coming soon! You're gonna love what Tara says about Spiggle now, hahahaha!

--Kim Atwater

February 6, 2014 3:09 p.m.:

Dave Spiggle has YET another new phone number for those of you that need to contact him about money he owes you... 740-802-3492 --Kim Atwater

December 28, 2013 8:03 a.m.:

Dave Spiggle got caught. Yep, he was being sued for $4,200.10 and decided he was going to try and hide. So, the company sueing him decided to request a "special process server" by the name of Loren Heiser. Loren was able to find Mr. Spiggle and served him right in front of everyone. So, now he can't pretend that he didn't know about being sued. However, since he checks this page every day he obviously knew he was being dragged into court yet again way back on August 25, 2013 when we posted that a claim had been filed. Well he was finally served way back on Nov. 19, 2013 and didn't show up for court on Christmas eve (huge suprise). So, a default judgement has been requested and surely will be granted. Will Thomas Oyster EVER see the $4,200.10 ? Ofcourse not, it's David Allen Spiggle for gods sake. --Kim Atwater

December 28, 2013 8:03 a.m.:

Dave Spiggle got caught. Yep, he was being sued for $4,200.10 and decided he was going to try and hide. So, the company sueing him decided to request a "special process server" by the name of Loren Heiser. Loren was able to find Mr. Spiggle and served him right in front of everyone. So, now he can't pretend that he didn't know about being sued. However, since he checks this page every day he obviously knew he was being dragged into court yet again way back on August 25, 2013 when we posted that a claim had been filed. Well he was finally served way back on Nov. 19, 2013 and didn't show up for court on Christmas eve (huge suprise). So, a default judgement has been requested and surely will be granted. Will Thomas Oyster EVER see the $4,200.10 ? Ofcourse not, it's David Allen Spiggle for gods sake. --Kim Atwater

August 28, 2013 10:51 p.m.:

David Spiggle is being sued... AGAIN! My god this man can't stay out of trouble. Seriously, if he would just stop stealing from the unsuspecting and ripping off the naive. A man named Thomas Oyster has filed a civil suit in Marion County Municipal Court in the amount of $4,200.10

This lawsuit was filed on August 5th, 2013 so we'll see how it goes. You can access the court site HERE. --Kim Atwater

June 24, 2013 11:02 p.m.:

An interesting fb conversation with owner of MTS Management Group, working w/ the band Xander Demos

Michael Stover:
Hey Kimmi, thanks for the post on Xander Demos' wall. I am taking it down, because I don't believe that kind of thing should be posted in a public forum. I will, however, take your advice into consideration and be sure that Mr. Spiggle is aware of our concerns.
Again, I appreciate your confirming my suspicions, and we will certainly take care of it.

Michael Stover
MTS Management Group

Kimmi Atwater:
Absolutely, do your own investigation... just be careful with this cat

Then a couple months later...

Michael Stover:
Hey Kim, How are you? BTW, Xander Demos is no longer working with David Spiggle. After many months of promising to get Xander gigs, only to give us the runaround, make more promises and guarantees, we ended up only doing one gig with him, which was a total bust. I only wish that I would have seen your online posts before we had given him the $250 he asked for, but lesson learned. Never again will a booking agent get upfront money from us. I appreciate you having the courage and gumption to be exposing this fraud of a human being.


May 12, 2013 12:51 a.m.:

David Spiggle seems to have disappeared again, his website is GONE, his facebook is GONE! No more Lucky 13 Agency? hmmmm... Now we can all wonder what the next incarnation of Spiggle's scams will be! --Kim Atwater

May 1, 2013 1:01 a.m.:

Well, Spiggle has finally done it. Yep, he has scammed AND ripped off a venue for thousands AND forged documents in connection with their promotions company. He will most likely not be walking away from this one. Looks like his theiving has actually crossed into "criminal activity" territory. On top of that he's just recently ripped off some major bands like Tuff and Faster Pussycat. We will be bringing you the whole story shortly, it's unreal. --Kim Atwater

March 24, 2013 10:04 a.m.:

It has recently been brought to light a NEW and devasting tactic that David Spiggle uses to rip people off. This is yet another example of his dirty habits:

Tell other booking agents that he (David "Dave" Spiggle) is tired of the business and wants to get out of booking bands, offering to sell the other unsuspecting agent all of his contacts and contracts. He then gets the money ($1,000 and up) from the other agent, forwards all the information and the deal is done right? Well not quite.

All the bands that he's taken money from and done NOTHING for contact the new owner for promised refunds, remember Spiggle tells bands when they give him $500 for booking services that if he can't get them booked he'll refund every penny, yeh right. Also, the new owner finds that the clubs on the list laugh at him, saying "you work with that David Spiggle thief?" and hang up on him. Thus, not only ruining the chances to book the bands that spiggle just sold him but also destoying any chance of booking under his original business name merely for the fact that he "knows" David Spiggle, let alone works with him.

The latest victim of this scam is Bruce Tuck out of Michigan. He had no idea about Spiggle and his illegal practices when he bought the lists. He does now. Check the testimonials for Bruce's statement.

To make matters worse, Spiggle doesn't actually "get out" of the booking business. He merely finds more suckers to send him booking money and rebuilds his "orginization".

--Kim Atwater

March 23, 2013 11:55 a.m.:

David Spiggle and his 16th eviction is taking place. Doesn't look like he's been able to "borrow" enough money to make it go away.
Here's the latest at the Marion County Municipal Court website: CLICK HERE --Kim Atwater

March 18, 2013 10:51 p.m.:

David Spiggle works directly with a club in Marion, Ohio called Tink's Rock House. Recently, Tink's Rock House contacted us to say:

"Tinks Rock House
Please keep your drama and problems off my business page. It's old news, get over it."

Apparently, Tink's Rock House feels that an ongoing scam/thief booking agent that steals money from hard working bands and clubs is considered "old news". That's truly amazing. Tink's Rock House obviously holds the position that it's perfectly fine. Bands should have been smart enough to realize Mr. Spiggle is a scam artist.

Tink's Rock House has NO problem letting Spiggle hang out in their club and let him book shows for bands that he has scammed $500 or more from representing Tink's Rock House. Knowing this, I would be concerned to play at this club if I were in a band.

Most bands are desparate and will play ANYWHERE! There is no moral dilemma in working with scammers and thieves as long as they get to do one more show in one more venue.
Yes, even bands with members that completely despise what David Spiggle stands for will play Tink's Rock House and O'Shecky's knowing full well that David Spiggle is directly involved with using these clubs to defraud bands... they are greedy and just don't care.

Here's the funny part. Tink's Rock House isn't quite making it and most likely won't even be around that long. They are falling behind on their taxes with the state of Ohio and have other liquor violations (you can see these violations HERE). Come on, what bar buys their beer and liquor from ANOTHER bar/store instead of buying from their wholesale supplier as required by law??

Their financial problems are no doubt directly related to working with David Spiggle and Paul Riley, over paying for washed up regional and local acts (i.e. Tuff, Modern Superstar etc.).

Oh, and the irony? Tink's posted on this page in the past-- condemning David Spiggle for his practices; Apparently, Mr. Spiggle b/s'd his way back into their graces only to eventually bring them down.

Time will tell! --Kim Atwater

March 14, 2013 3:05 p.m.:

David Spiggle is on his way to eviction number 16! Yep, 16 known evictions!!! Unreal that he can still rent after 16 evictions.

We have his current address on Chicago Avenue in Marion, Ohio. If you need the address for lawsuits etc. hit me up on Facebook. He will probably only be at this address another few weeks though... so get your cases filed quickly.

BEWARE!! Since his rent is past due for March he WILL be trying every scam he has to get his rent caught up. He will be contacting everyone on his phone list for a "loan". Be cautious! --Kim Atwater

February 25, 2013 1:43 p.m.:

Word is that Andy Haught of ZeroKing is no longer associated with David Spiggle. Apparently he does not book with him and is no longer in contact at all. We are trying to get a statement from Mr. Haught and will keep you posted. --Kim Atwater

February 24, 2013 3:13 p.m.:

More info coming in about David Spiggle's latest scam techniques. This is truly sad and harmful.

Mr. Spiggle contacts people that he has developed some repour... asking them to "buy on" or "invest" into concerts/shows. In other words, asking for money to help pay for the costs of an artist or show with some sort of guarantee on return. This has recently happened to a couple out of the Huntington, West Virginia area. They were asked to buy on to shows at O'Shecky's in Columbus and shows in PA. Then, after taking their money explaining that there was no profit from the show and to "come get their money" in a different state, 4 or 5 hours away. So in order to break even the "investor" has to spend $50-$100 on gas.

This is another brilliant scam from the "Scam King", David Spiggle. No he can't mail a check or return money via western union, nope... they have to go pick it up. The victoms of this most recently have two very young children. He steals money from people that CANNOT afford to lose it. It's what he has always done.

Please, get the word out about this site so there will be no more uninformed bands/clubs and buyers. He's truly hurting people in the worst possible way! --Kim Atwater

February 2, 2013 3:21 p.m.:

One of David Spiggle's close friends and associates, Kenny Ryan of Stellar Designs out of Cincinnati Ohio is upset that he was named on this page. It's unfortunate that others get dragged into Spiggles' mess but people and businesses that do business with a con artist need to be exposed. Mr. Ryan can moan and bitch all he wants but at the end of the day he does indeed aid and abet Mr. Spiggle in his endeavors. Basically an accomplice. He claims to have been unaware of the activities of Mr. Spiggle and maybe he was, but that does not excuse his continued assiciation now that he knows. And there is plenty of proof. Please, don't take my word for it, contact ANY of the bands on this webpage.

Kenny Ryan is threatening legal action for slander. It's quite cute how everyone has a "lawyer" in their back pocket. Of course nothing is going to come of this. First of all there is nothing untrue on this site. It's news and opinion. Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech apply here. But go ahead, try to find an attorney that will file a lawsuit. As we've said before we welcome the opportunity! Besides, you'll find that it will cost about $10,000 to file a "slander" suit. And for what? What are you going to sue for? Money? Shutting down this site? Makes no sense.

Mr. Ryan says that this is a "hateful agenda". He's quite wrong. It's my love of music and the hard work musicians put into their projects that is the motivation behind this site. Think about it: A band busts their behind to raise the $500 Mr. Spiggle demands then... nothing. Sometimes the band can't recover from that expense. Other times the band member that hired Spiggle is seen as a fool and the band becomes dysfunctional. There's alot of damage done by David Spiggle in his own selfish greedy scams. It's not hate Mr. Ryan, it's justice. But I can accept to agree to disagree. You keep working with him, it will come back to bite you.

Someone has finally stood up and pointed out the scammers in this scene. I will continue to do so. David Spiggle and others like him have outright stolen money from many of my friends. Alot more is coming, more info and associations. It's not going to stop. People want to know about these scams so they can avoid them. If you want to sue just do it. Don't contact me and my friends and threaten me with it, just do it... or as they say "Bring it on". No one is stopping you.

--Kim Atwater

January 30, 2013 5:33 p.m.:

We've added more companies/bands that do business with David Spiggle, so you can be sure to avoid them. They are fully aware of David Allen Spiggle and his illegal and immoral tactics, stealing money from bands and clubs alike. One of the new Lucky 13 associates are Stellar Designs out of Cincinnati. These clowns have been doing Dave Spiggle's flyers for a few years. They have watched as he's ripped off one band after another and still work with him.

Also, one of Spiggle's biggest supporters is a band out of Cincinnati called "A Nervous Wreck". This band is horrible. Their singer is completely mono-tone and the rest of the members are well below average. They seem to work with Spiggle because he gets them opening spots on "has-been" shows, and they do it for free, laughable.

We've also added more photos of Mr. Spiggle so you can be informed when he tries to borrow money from you!

We are going to allow comments from readers soon, check back and let us know what you think, good bad or ugly.

--Kim Atwater



November 25, 2012, 2012 19:44 p.m.:

>>On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 7:44 PM, Round Trip Music wrote:

Hey, this is Dave from Streetlight Circus in NYC. We have exchanged messages before.
What can you tell me about how to pursue a case against Dave Spiggle?
For example, what is his real name? What town/state does he actually live in (an address if you have one)? What is the local precinct to him? Courthouse?
Any guidance you can give me would be appreciated.


His full name is: David Allen Spiggle His newest telephone numbers are: cell number: 740-802-3492

He lives in the city of Marion, Ohio Here is a link to the court: http://www.marionmunicipalcourt.org/search.shtml

Your best bet is to pursue a civil action against him. Then, file a complaint with the Ohio Attorney Generals office. They have a "Report a Scam" page: http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/about-ag/contact/report-a-scam.aspx

Make sure to list all the company names he's been using to scam:
Lane Productions
The Fuel Agency
The Lucky 13 Agency

If there's anything else we can help with let us know.

(This information is not legal advice and we are not attorneys)

October 16, 2012 12:22 p.m.:

Got a lovely message from Sam Levy on facebook today. Sam is the "owner" of O'Shecky's Live. Apparently, Mr. Levy and David Spiggle are in bed together working hand in hand. Spiggle is continuing to rip off bands and now has another "bar" to work with.

Here's how it works: Spiggle finds a sucker band to send him $500 via Western Union to do their bookings. Spiggle has a small handful of bars he works with (until they find out about him and dump him) and so he puts the bands into those 2 or 3 bars. The band thinks he's really connected so they "loan" David Spiggle some more money. That's it. No more bookings. Working with Paul Riley and Rich Rubin who do the same operation gets him another bar or two to keep the scam going. By the way, Spiggle always tells the bands that they will get their money back if not satisfied with his services. Never happens.

So Spiggle now has 3 bars that are part of his scam:
1. O'Shecky's Live (Columbus)
2. Downtown Arena (Cambridge) and
3. Tink's Rock House (Marion)

Here is the message I received from Sam Levy protecting David Spiggle:

"kimmi, I know u r a Dave spiggle hater!!!! I have no desire to see any of ur bullshit posts about him on any of my page!!!
What u and ------ r doing is bullshit!!!! Please dont post any of ur links on my pages or I will Post crap neither oe of u want out there!!!
Thank U in Advance. Sam Levy....OSheckys live"

Until I got this fb message I had never even heard of this guy. Clearly he's not too bright, his grammar is quite grade school. The threat to "post crap" is interesting, since we've never met or had any exchange whatsoever. Ooohhhh... it must be things he's heard from David Spiggle himself. That will be hilarious, taking into account David Spiggle's credibility!

But what's more important and disturbing is his allegiance to David Spiggle. Be very careful. And keep in mind that O'Shecky's Live has NEVER been known for paying their bands any real money. Just promises that "next time" we'll getcha... --Kim Atwater

September 17, 2012 3:09 p.m.:

David Spiggle is also known as (AKA) Dave Allen. He has recently decided to "play" guitar in the band Planet 9. As if his playing weren't funny enough now ALL the many many folks he owes money to can find him. Just check out Planet 9's schedule. Mr. Spiggle will be there with bells on as a musician in the band.
Of course, now that the news is out that he's using a fake name (Dave Allen) to gig with Planet 9 he may drop out of the line-up, we'll see. We'll try to post upcoming dates for the band soon.

Beware playing any of the clubs that still associate with Spiggle: Downtown Arena in Cambridge, OH... Tink's Rock House in Marion, there are others we'll keep you posted!
--Kim Atwater

September 12, 2012 3:20 p.m.:

Mr. David Allen Spiggle is at it again! Yes indeed he has a NEW booking agency. This one is called "The Lucky 13 Agency" and the name is probably accurate that he's had at least 12 other names.

The FaceBook link is http://www.facebook.com/thelucky13agency and unsurprisingly there is NO phone number and NO address for this "agency".
Don't fret, we have Mr. Spiggle's new digits. The cell number is 740-244-5043 and the home number is 740-383-5848. If he owes you money give him a ring, I'm sure he'll be happy to get you paid back.

David Spiggle has been observed at Tink's Rock House almost nightly, doing the bookings and hanging out with Tina, the owner. If you have dealings w/ The Lucky 13 Agency, good luck... it's David Spiggle. --Kim Atwater

March 10, 2012 3:55 p.m.:

Found a picture of one of David Spiggle's T-Shirts from Lane Productions... it says "Keep Talking, You're Making Me Famous". Boy ain't that the truth... he's famous alright. CLICK HERE to see the T-Shirt. --Kim Atwater

Feb. 27, 2012 4:55 p.m.: Tink's Rock House in Marion Ohio is still working directly with David Spiggle.

Be careful with any bookings or associations with Tink's Rock House. David Spiggle is putting bands into the bar and is directly connected to the deals. Kiss Army, Skin Mask (Paul Riley) and Lock 17 are at least 3 of the shows that David Spiggle put together among others. Spiggle lives only seconds away from the bar and is actively texting/calling Tink's. The owner of Tink's is claiming not to be working with Spiggle but it's clear that she is. Feel free to contact Kiss Army, Skin Mask and Lock 17 and they will tell you that they got the shows at Tink's through Spiggle.
Honesty is important in the music biz so be careful and make wise judgements on that club. --Kim Atwater

Feb. 24, 2012 9:55 p.m.: David Spiggle has been EVICTED AGAIN!!! Yes, that's right. His 15th Eviction (that we know of, could be more... hearing alot about Colorado).

What's really sad is that he got his mother and father evicted with him this time. CLICK HERE for the listing at the Marion Municipal Court. This is unreal. Why won't Dave go get a job? Obviously Mr. Spiggle's address is changing yet again.

On top of being evicted again David Spiggle is being sued by Eric's Auto Glass & Windshield. He must have scammed them out of a windshield. The next hearing for that lawsuit is March 12th, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. at the Marion Municipal Court. Out of the long list of lawsuits against David Spiggle (listed lower on this page) he showed up at ZERO of them so chances are he won't be there March 12th.

OH!!! And by the way, this is going to make you laugh. Since David Spiggle's good buddy Paul Riley was FIRED from Popular Music booking the other day I found a post he made at TalkBass.com bragging about his "great job", this is HILARIOUS!!! To read it in a pop up CLICK HERE
--Kim Atwater

Feb. 24, 2012 2:35 a.m.: We are hereby retracting previous news updates in regards to Popular Music booking. Poplular Music does not currently have any involvement with David Spiggle and as of Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012 Popular Music has terminated Paul Riley as one of their agents! Paul Riley is indeed working with David Spiggle however, so use your best judgement when dealing with Riley (guilty by association?).

It turns out that the nasty email we received from Popular Music a few weeks back was sent by Paul Riley... he was not authorized to represent the agency and the opinions were Riley's alone.

To see the stories that we have removed and the email received from Popular Music CLICK HERE--Kim Atwater

Jan. 26, 2012 4:01 p.m.:

Good ole David Spiggle. It seems that Mr. Spiggle attempted to get this site shut down yet again.

This time... he contacted our internet provider. David Spiggle needs to spend more time understanding the concept of free speech and freedom of the press and less time playing games. He might even want to consider paying some people back... there could be something to talk about if that happened.

In the meantime, enjoy this letter... it is filled with 3rd grade grammatical errors and mispellings but you can get the gist.

Here is the letter that he sent...

Tues, 24 Jan 2012 15:19:18 -0700

To whom it may concern,

I have had a issue now for going on 3 months of a old friend of mine building a negative,defaming website aimed at myself. I contacted your customer service dept. and they immediately suggested I report this site your dept. for immediate removal.

The person running this page is doing nothing more than effecting my business,family,personal life.

The site url is www.thefuelagency.net <http://www.thefuelagency.net>

This person also has several sites that trace back to him with pornographic material including sites aimed @ children. I have hired a private investigator as well as a attorney who have traced it back to your servers.

Your customer service rep told me to let you know this is considered a comprised server & said site should be removed immediately.

Thank you in advance for your prompt removal of said site in advance.

David Spiggle

Dec. 30, 2011 12:10 p.m.: Found this post from back in 2007 when Spiggle screwed over the national act: HELIX
HELIX Frontman Apologizes For Ohio Gig "No-Shows"
Posted: May 20, 2007

HELIX vocalist Brian Vollmer has posted this message on the band's official website:

"On behalf of myself and the band, I would like to apologize for not showing up at our gigs in Middleton and Columbus [OH] this past weekend. The problem was the agent (David Spiggle) who promised me time and time again that the money was coming but never arrived. I should have suspected something was up when I received an email through our MySpace site warning me of Spiggle, but because he had been highly recommended by our agent in Florida (Rich Rubin) I brushed aside these accusations.

When it finally came right down to the wire (last Wednesday - there was no way I was driving to Cincinnati with the band without a deposit) Spiggle wanted me to drive there and then get paid. I told him, '...I was born at night, not last night baby...' to which he responded, '...Huh?' I then pulled the gig and he hung up the phone. Good riddance, you useless ass! And for the record - I have lodged a complaint with the AF of M against the club and agent. Let's see what happens...

Nov. 16, 2011 4:52 p.m.: Been out of town, sorry for no recent updates** However, David Spiggle was in a brief relationship with a girl named Tammy [last name redacted]. After dating for only a month they had trouble, so Mr. Spiggle got a tattoo of her name on his arm. That got them back together for a few weeks until she finally dumped him for good. Here is a photo of the tattoo; although it has been reported that he has covered it up with a different tattoo recently. This is priceless. --Kim Atwater
Nov. 9, 2011 12:52 p.m.: This page is one week old with 3,877 hits, more than 500 visits a day. David Spiggle has not provided a statement or denial, he's hiding out. David Spiggle said my Facebook account was being deleted... LIE, it's still there. David Spiggle said there'd be a tell all page on me... LIE. Said I'd take a fall... nope, LIE. David Spiggle said he got an attorney to sue about this site... ofcourse he hans't, LIE. We have however found 3 people that support David Spiggle and are behind him... we are considering listing those names. --Kim Atwater

Nov. 8, 2011 9:30 p.m.: David Spiggle is at it again. He has stolen $500 from Song Envy Records, claiming to be able to put one of their bands as support for a national act. The entire blog page/press release, Click Here. Spiggle is changing his attack to promise regional bands national tours for a fee... wow!!

Nov. 5, 2011 2:10 p.m.: David Spiggle went to the Columbus, OH police department and had a friend of mine, [NAME REDACTED] arrested last night at his work. The arrest was on a very minor outstanding warrant and he was out in an hour. Spiggle is going after me and my friends now, sad... but not unexpected. David Spiggle is also blaming this web page for not fulfilling his obligations to bands that he's scammed. Like we've stated before, he is a true expert at the art of bullshit. He can turn anything into everyone else's fault. Please, be careful. --Kim Atwater

Nov. 3, 2011 7:10 p.m.: David Spiggle went to the Marion, OH police department to file charges on this website. Yes, you read that correctly. Turns out, he couldn't. The Marion, OH police department had to explain to Mr. Spiggle that this site is not illegal and that it's our civil right, Freedom of the Press & Freedom of Speech. How can you press charges on a webpage or its author for telling the truth? David Spiggle is welcome to find an attorney and file a civil lawsuit. We welcome this... we pray for this... there's nothing in the world that we and 100's of musicians want more than for David Spiggle to open this can of worms!!! However, everyone that knows David Spiggle is aware that he lives with his Mom and Dad and doesn't have a pot to piss in, good luck with the lawsuit. Stop threatening and just do it. --Kim Atwater

Nov. 3, 2011 3:12 p.m.: Received a message from David Spiggle today on Facebook. He unblocked me... sent the message then reblocked me... here it is, from David Spiggle to Kimmi Atwater:
You have made things so easy.... Lol Nice going. Your pal marc set you up to take his fall.... Hahaha
Escort business slow? you having nothing to do but be marcs errand girl. I kinda feel bad for you. Watch online tonight for a site dedicated to you & marc. Wait till u c the shit about your hero lol
Oh yeah no need to type back..you will be blocked again after this. And your page is being pulled from fb do to abuse einstein. Good luck


BEWARE, These People Know about David Spiggle's Rip Offs and still choose to work with him!

Stellar Designs - Kenny Ryan (Cincinnati, OH)

A Nervous Wreck (Cincinnati, OH)

O'Sheckey's Live - Sam Levy (Columbus, OH)

Downtown Arena (Cambridge, OH)

Tink's Rock House (Marion, OH)

Dead Horse Cantina and Music Hall - Lou Holtz (Pittsburgh, PA)

Transfusion Entertainment - Paul Riley (Cincinnati, OH)

Andy Haught of the band Zeroking, now booking w/Spiggle (BEWARE!)

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David Allen Spiggle
Cell 740-802-3492
Cell 740-244-5043 - (old number / changed)
Office/Home 740-223-0909 - (old number / changed)
Home 740-383-5848 - (old number / changed)
Cell 740-215-6988 - (old number / changed)
Home 740-751-4705 (old number / changed)
laneproductions2006@yahoo.com <-- this email was sending out porn so it may have been hacked

The address listed for The Fuel Agency is:
The Fuel Agency
1229 Indiana Ave.
Marion, OH 43302

The Fuel Agency
195 Boone Ave.
Marion, OH 43302


We have his home address, social security number and date of birth but are not listing them here ofcourse. If you are planning a lawsuit please contact me directly at ripoff@thefuelagency.net.

Here is a partial list of David Spiggle's activities when contacting a band or bar:
  • Asking for a $500 deposit from bands to book them
  • If you won't pay $500 he lowers it to $250
  • Asking you to WESTERN UNION your payments to him and he'll "eat" the Western Union fees
  • Telling bars to give him the deposit for a band, regional or national act
  • Telling bands that he "owns" or "manages" a bar and will book you in it
  • Telling bars that bands he books will "bring" 100 people with them to the show
  • Making excuses for why bars shorted the band that he booked
  • Claiming to have multiple bars under contract to book your band
  • Asking for $500 to be a bars "talent buyer". He then proceeds to book bands that payed him to book them
  • Telling bands that he can "Get them as opener for a National Act tour", for a fee ofcourse, usually $500
  • Borrowing money from you, claiming he'll pay you DOUBLE in a few days. You don't ever get any back, just a few weeks of stories then he ignores you completely

If you would like to submit your rip off information please write to: ripoff@thefuelagency.net

This is a list of court actions against David Spiggle. 21 Eviction Complaints with a total of 44 cases in 20 years. Including the est. cost of $1,000 per eviction the total of these cases is $59,753.81 (and that's just SO FAR, he's still at it, as of June, 2015!)
This is public information and DOES NOT include the multitudes of scams not brought to court. NOTE: This is only 3 counties, there are other states and other counties that we are still gathering information from
1995BeneficialNo Show$843.49
1997Buckeye Check CashingNo Show$601.00
1997Michael LutzNo Show$1,300.00
1997KRA MusicNo Show$915.86
1998ShastarNo Show$110.00
1999Brian C. MillerNo Show$193.00
2001Sean DawsonNo Show$383.00
2002Tracy SpiggleNo ShowViolation of Protection Order
2002Triad FinancialNo Show$3,287.00
2004Brenda HannaNo ShowEviction
2006Rick E. VermillionNo Show$8,000.00
2006Kert Jr.No ShowEviction
2007Quality Lawn CareNo Show$398.44
2007Scott CritesNo ShowEviction
2007Scott CritesNo ShowEviction
2007Scott CritesNo ShowEviction
2008Fields & InnocentiNo Show$481.25
2008Scott CritesNo ShowEviction
2008Scott CritesNo ShowEviction
2008Scott CritesNo ShowEviction
2009Wayne BirkhimerNo Show$643.00
2009Keith HallNo ShowEviction
2009Keith HallNo ShowEviction
2009Michael W. MitchellNo ShowEviction
2009Brian HayesNo Show$640.00
2009The Citizens of Bank of LoganNo Show$691.00
2010Roger GuisingerNo ShowEviction
2010James WoltzNo ShowEviction
2010James WoltzNo Show$8869.45
2010Mike EstermanNo Show$500.00
2010Sladeco IncNo ShowEviction
2011Debra BakerNo Show$500.00
2011Debra BakerNo Show$500.00
2011Roberta JaycoxNo Show$3000.00
2012Linacre, LLC No ShowEviction
2012Linacre, LLC No Show$1914.00
2012Eric's Auto Glass & Windshield PENDING $195.00
2012Joseph Ballinger No Show EVICTION
2013Thomas Oyster No Show $4200.10
2014Tara Reed No Show EVICTION
2014Vanover Management Company, Inc No Show EVICTION
2014Vanover Management Company, Inc No Show 1534.00
2015Dan Murphy No Show EVICTION
2017Dan Murphy No Show EVICTION3796.00
2017City of Marion Utilities No Show EVICTION1042.64
43 Cases$66,332.45

Here are Names and Photos of PREVIOUS clients of David Spiggle. Contacting these bands and artists will prove to be enlightening in that they have all most likely been screwed over by David Spiggle and Lane Productions and The Fuel Agency.


Tara Reed (former girlfriend)

SUBMITTED: 1:01pm December 26, 2014

[After being assaulted by David Spiggle this domestic violence victim wrote this:]


Thank you for stepping up, and to help expose this monster that's walking among us.

You have alot of courage. I admire you for that.

If i can be of further assistance with info of dave the creep let me know please.

Merry Christmas to you!

--Tara Reed


Bruce Tuck

SUBMITTED: 7:30am March 22, 2013

Good Morning, I just wanted to thank yo for putting David Spiggle out there for the wolves, he as well as others in the industry are why I no longer do booking. The criminal activity, lying, cheating, stealing, scarred my passion for the music and the bands.

I had the displeasure of working with Mr. Spiggle for a short time while I was booking a certain band (name witheld intentionally) Mr. Spiggle promised a lot of things and was able to provide some dates in his areas for me, but in the end it all came down to money.

Mr Spiggle called me to tell me he was getting out of the Promoting Business and getting a regular 9-5 job because he was not financially stable and offered to sell me his roster and contacts...he needed the money to pay rent. I was less than intelligent in my decision to work something out with him with the understanding that he was going to assist me. I was blasted by the bands saying they wanted their money back and that since I was the in control of the agency, it was my duty to pay them back for what David Spiggle had taken from them to be on his roster.

I am ashamed that I got involved with him and to this day i regret my association with him. I have integrity and truly love the music and couldn't in good faith be a part of this idiocy. A couple other Promoters that are far worse than spiggle are David Meyer (DMI Entertainment) and John Kunz (Arrowhead Productions). I have a great repoir with many bands and do my part to promote them and house them when they are in town. It is the least I can do for the hard work and commitment from all the bands. I want to thank you again.

This shit needs to stop

Bruce Tuck


Michael McDowell

SUBMITTED: 7:23pm August 20, 2012

Hey thanks for the website you administer on that dirtbag Dave Spiggle.
He hasnt burnt any of my artists...but he has burned a lot of my friends.

Please check out my record label if you get a chance....SHREDGUY RECORDS

ShredGuy Records


Outrageous Productions

SUBMITTED: 9:17am August 4, 2012

I saw your website today for the first time! Kudos. I normally wouldn't take such time to even rip another person publicly, but this guy is a thieving, robbing jackass that has taken advantage of me and my friends.

As embarrassing as it can be for me to admit I fell for David Spiggle jackassery I enjoy someone is trying to put a stop to it.

I have attached a copy of our emails. (CLICK HERE TO SEE EMAILS) I could forward them directly, but it was only wanting to send a few of them at a time, but I do have them as proof if needed for anything.

Jenny "Jem" George



SUBMITTED: 11:52am July 28, 2012

Hi Guys, I'm writing to you in connection with David Spiggel who was reccommened to me 2 years ago by an Agency called the Kevin Roberts Agency. He took 500$ from us and never booked one show! He made multiple excuses as to why the refund is taking so long and now 2 years later I have had enough. I tried to get a Civil Court to Help me but they wouldn't Entertain me. If I have to get a plane over to USA to get this guy I will. any help would be appreciated. Kindest Regards Robert


George Barnett II

SUBMITTED: 4:52pm Mar. 16, 2012

I found your link on CL in reference to all of the information about Paul Riley and David Spiggle. I am glad to see that someone is out there looking out for the musicians. I am new to the area and working hard to get our agency off the ground. I will not say we are connected but, I will say we work hard everyday to make contact with bar and venue owners / managers to try and book the bands we represent. We have no upfront fees, we have no fees unless we book a gig for a band but, it is a simple percentage and all of which is in writing and complete copies of all contracts are email to everyone involved.

We never book a gig without getting approval from the band either. We do collect our fee as a deposit from the venue but, all of that is outlined in the contracts that everyone gets a copy of. We also copy each and every check we receive just anyone has a question of our business practices. We do ask our bands to sign a non-exclusive contract with us outlining our fees and giving us authority to sign contracts on their behalf and use their media for advertising on our site. I had heard of Paul Riley from two of the acts that we now represent as they were looking for someone new to work with. I had not heard of Mr. Spiggle but, his reputation doesn't seem to be much different from the things I had heard about Mr. Riley. If there are any of the acts that they had worked with that are looking for new representation or, any of the venues / bars they had worked with looking for an ethical agency to work with please feel free to share my contact information lsited below my signature line.
I appreciate your efforts on behalf of the hard working musicians in this area.

George Barnett II
Founder and President
First Lite Music Ltd.
513 678 9408



SUBMITTED: 8:02pm Feb. 28, 2012

I was in a major national touring tribute that Dave contacted stating he could "get us more work in bigger, better clubs".

My wife put up the $300 to western union him, (he wanted more but said he would get started for that). We waited for months for gigs that never came and eventually got a gig from him (in our home town) with a couple other bands.

We never got paid. He never answered/returned any calls or contact.

If i EVER SEE HIM I WILL GIVE $300 W----- -- -- --- ------G. He is pure scum. BEWARE!!! BEWARE!!!! BEWARE!!!!



Little Miss Muffet

SUBMITTED: 1:43pm Feb. 20, 2012

I worked with David Spiggle for a couple of years-- about 2002 to 2005. The only reason he played bass in my band is because he was seeing the lead singer, the former Karmon Stephens, whom he impregnated.

One time-- unknown to me-- he borrowed money from a club owner (after giving her a sob story). We played the gig and then the club owner gave us something like $60, explaining that she already gave the balance of the money to Dave(!).

After that, I always checked in with the bar owner before setting up and always collected and distributed the money afterwards, to Dave's dismay. I NEVER trusted him.

After I'd had enough of the nonsense, I gave notice to the band I was leaving in one month but would complete gigs up to that date. The final gig happened to be my wedding day, as we intended to get married before moving out-of-state three weeks later. Apparently the bar owner wanted to cut a check instead of the customary cash and I let my guard down, allowing Dave to cash the check the next day. Dave never did give me my cut of that evening's show. He still owes me $185.
That was such a nice, thoughtful wedding gift and a memorable way to end the run of the band I founded and equipped.

By the way, that's my SVT cab, Peavey bass amp, stage lighting and even the mic & mic stand in the pic [of David Spiggle] on your website...

--Jim Bentley, formerly of "Little Miss Muffet". _______________________________________________________________

Jerri Allen

SUBMITTED:11:04pm Jan. 13, 2012

Hi there, our band worked with Dave for a little while and yes we did send him the 500.00...shame on us!!! We did pretty much make the money back but not much more. He tried to book a show for us opening for SPONGE in Columbus, OH. One problem, the bar didn't have it's liquor license. Dave also dropped names of various national acts, the only national show he got us on was a show in Grand Rapids, MI with Britny Fox....our pay was two pitchers of beer!!!! He also told me that he was going to book us at a place in Indianapolis and gave me a date, I kept calling him asking about the show. He finally got pissy with me telling me HE WOULD CALL when he had more details. The gig did NOT happen obviously!!! I actually sent out a Myspace message marketing our band and one other as a package deal. Dave sent me a message asking "are you giving up on me???" Dave and I used to talk on the phone like we were buddies, thats why his lack of activity on the band just threw me!!! We got better results just going through Sonicbids!!!! --Jerri Allen _______________________________________________________________


SUBMITTED: 4:13pm Jan. 7, 2012

Trust me, Dave has burned so many people its not funny...took us for a ride.

NoMara had a tour set up with my guitar player flying in from San Fran and another from Atlanta for 30 shows....Drove 14 hours to one that Dave set up and the place didn't even exist.... it was a bar that didn't have a stage....Dave took the cash and booked us one show out of 29....
the fall-out set me back thousands of dollars and cost me two guitar players....he still found a way to blame it on me....lol...

I have many other bands he has fucked over from Mich to TN....
How he has managed to stay in one piece baffles me...

-Kelly Burdge


Banned from Earth

SUBMITTED: 12:33am Dec. 18, 2011

He also ripped us (Banned from Earth) off with the same scam. After promising us all kinds of high paid gigs we sent him $500.00 in 2008. He failed to book a single show for us and avoided us. What a piece of shit!!!

-Mike Stonecage Dickinson


Stephanie Christie Management & Publicity

SUBMITTED: 2:14pm Dec. 15, 2011

I would advise all artists, venues, promoters and music industry professionals to steer clear of The Fuel Agency/ Lane Productions and David Spiggle...

as well as any booking agent that requires advance payment for services.

-Stephanie Christie


Misery Ink

SUBMITTED: 2:21pm Dec. 10, 2011

Wow!!!! I've known Dave for 25-30 years. Played in bands with him, hung out with him, hell we even had an apartment together(although it was my apartment). I always knew he was a bullshitter, but never thought he would turn pro!!!! Ripping off musicians for a living? MOTHERFUCKER YOU WERE A MUSICIAN!!!!! You know how hard it is, even when you're just trying to have fun playing music. You should be ashamed of yourself....but i know you're not



Seven Circle Sunrise

SUBMITTED: 5:01pm Dec. 9, 2011

I am the bassist of Seven Circle Sunrise. I wanted to share our recent experience with this douche bag Dave. We were out on tour with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, when he contacted us about buying on to a Lukas Rossi tour. Dave was paid for the 18 date "Lukas Rossi Tour". Long story short, Dave ignored us, dates were not booked, and the money has not been returned. Something has to be done to this tool bag. How is he still getting away with this shit? I've never seen so much scum in my life.

--Robert G. Thomas


Qball - XFACTOR1

SUBMITTED: 11:02am Dec. 9, 2011

Dave Spiggle. This guy, doing biz as Lane Productions has ripped off local, regional and even NATIONAL bands who have left testimonials on [this] site. There is also a LONG list of court judgements AGAINST this loser of a fucktard that PROVE he's scum. Unless you wanna get taken to the cleaners and promised a lie, DO NOT DO BIZ WITH DAVE SPIGGLE/LANE PRODUCTIONS. Get your deal with the owner if you can or you WILL suffer the same consequences.


Brian Reid - FEEL

SUBMITTED: 7:02am Nov. 17, 2011

I recently became aware of your site and wanted to contact you expressing my support.

I used to play in a Columbus, Ohio, band called, "FEEL," and had the misfortune of meeting David Spiggle while we were playing. Fortunately, we didn't lose out on any large sums of money as a result of his actions - not that (IMO) he didn't try; however, in attempting to help out a fellow musician in need, I did loan David my guitar amplifier and a distortion pedal - FREE OF CHARGE - for a show he was involved in.
It took a lot of calling and a couple guys from the band had to go pick it up from him to get it back. Not knowing exactly what was loaned to him, the guys only brought back the amp and David, after being contacted several times, never returned the pedal. Not a big loss; however, a loss nonetheless and a blatant smack in the face for trying to help someone out.

I wanted to make sure I expressed my opinion of him to you and your site. I don't think the guy's worth an ounce of trust and I certainly hope no one else falls prey to his criminal actions.

Best Wishes! Brian


Rick Lindsey

SUBMITTED: 4:07am Nov. 10, 2011

Dave & I were childhood friends. He came to my home in July, gave me a bullshit line needing money so i was just being a good friend. he told me he would have the money the following monday and said he would give me an extra $100 for helping him out.

I told him just to pay me the money he owed me which was $200, its crazy but i called him 2 weeks ago and he answers the phone like we was good old friends he keeps saying he will pay me back soon.

It is crazy all the people he has ripped off! I did see him at a Sammy Hagar show back in Sept and he gave me $5 lol WTF!

I just hope he stops before someone really does something bad.

When i did see him at the show in Sept i was not a happy guy but i was with my wife and friends enjoying the night! If can help just let me know.



Song Envy Records

SUBMITTED: 9:16pm Nov. 8, 2011

For Statement Click Here


Detective Larry Allen

SUBMITTED: 1:13pm Nov. 7, 2011

In the state of Ohio there is no licensing procedure for "Talent Agents". Some states, like California and Florida rigorously check out people/companies who claim to be agents. There are huge bond and licensing fees associated with this. In Ohio however, this isn't the case. Anyone can set up a phone number and email and claim to be a connected agent. This is the case with David Spiggle. He doesn't have an office, not even a home or apartment. He resides with his parents in Marion Ohio. He has a prepaid cellphone and a gmail account.

He then uses his auditory skills to convince unsuspecting bands, bars and agents to believe he has contacts. He takes their money then disappears. In fact, if you choose to pay Mr. Spiggle by standard bank draft (check), he will need to deposit it into his Mothers' checking account because he is listed in "Check Systems", indicating he has written bad checks and cannot open a checking account on his own.

Please be warned that David Spiggle is a con man. But don't under estimate him, he is indeed a very good con man. His skills at making people believe are highly advanced. The long arm of justice is closing in however. If you've been a victim please contact this site at the email address listed. Leave as many details as possible. And yes, you can remain anonymous.


E Street Pub

SUBMITTED: 7:22pm Nov. 5, 2011

David Spiggle doesn't book for E Street Pub. Has sent bands this way but all money and show dates and times are set up through our booker Brad Bales.

If you want to get a show please contact Brad @ bradbales71@gmail.com

E Street Pub


Ron Keel

SUBMITTED: 2:46pm Nov. 5, 2011

Amazing that this guy is still alive.


Alrosa Villa

SUBMITTED: 6:16pm Nov. 4, 2011

Alrosa Villa fully supports this Scam Warning, Stay away from this man or ANYONE asking you to pay advance services like this.

Do your homework, ask around and get advice from an established promoter before sending money anywhere.

BTW - He owes us money too!


Leanne Skeen

SUBMITTED: 6:10pm Nov. 4, 2011

I actually met him the day of Sammy Hagar. Delivered free tix to him from mutual friend.

Not even 30 mins after leaving him, he texted.he couldnt come and then asked if I knew anyone who could loan him $75 and he would give them $100.

Didnt know of anyone but didnt ask. Inappropriate.


Tink's Rock House

SUBMITTED: 3:12am Nov. 4, 2011

I am the business owner of Tink's Rock House and although he received $500.00 from me, all bands can rest assured he will NOT be affiliated with Tinks! This website was well worth the $500.00 to find out what type of person I was dealing with before I received my liquor license and was open. To all bands he may have contacted for playing at Tinks, send me an email at Tinksrockhouse@aol.com and we can discuss legitimate business.

Tina King


Razing Paradise

SUBMITTED: 6:24pm Nov. 3, 2011

This asshole was paid in full 6 months ago! $500 down the drain. Says he will set us up a tour and doesn't talk to us until 2 days after we were suppose to leave for the tour. He then proceeds to say he will send back the money and never does.

He then calls us over 2 months later and says that he has sold his company and that we are now on a new roster that we never agreed to switch to. So now we are unable to get a refund or have any way to get our money back! This asshole is so untrustworthy it is ridiculous! Keep your eyes open bands! This guy will fuck you!

--D Mershbrock


J Johannson

SUBMITTED: 11:21am Nov. 2, 2011

We dealt with this scumbag he took our money and didnt do shit! He had a ton of excuses to why, then disappeared. At first he could book us a tour and sold us the sun until he got his money upfront. Never heard of this before but ok. Then once he got it a bunch of bs excuses. Had all the clubs in the beginning but couldnt deliver the pizza.

He then came back and apologized and asked for anotherr chance so everybody should get a 2nd chance and what did he do fuck us again. He talks a big game and can sell desert sand to a swamee in india. Dude is a major scumbag and yea he asked us to pay a bill the 2nd time.

He is a first class douche nozzle. We know other guys he did this to and he talks shit about everyone. Like you said he moves and changes numbers like people do underwear.



Matt Sutton

SUBMITTED: 9:29am Nov. 2, 2011

Wow, I was so glad to see someone dedicate a site to this deadbeat!! I, for one, thank you!

I am in a band called FAT DOG and am the recent and past owner of SLAPSY MAXIE'S PUB, both out of Columbus and both having had short-term relationships with Dave and Lane Productions. He had burned both of my businesses in a very short time. He made good on a couple of inexpensive deals at first, but then let us have it.

1) The band went on an out of town weekend trip to two venues that he had booked us. The result: $1800 short of his guaranteed amount. A lot of smoke and mirrors and excuses, but bottom line, never were paid.

2) He threw in a last minute out of town band for a show I put together for my music venue telling me to pay them $200 and he would re-imburse me. Since he had done this with a couple others before, I let it happen. I have been trying to collect that $200 for about 2 years now. It's funny, I kept the text conversation for this long over a measly $200, but it's amusing to me that he still acts like he has intentions on paying it!

Let's just say, hopefully he pays up before someone like me catches up to him. It will probably be a bad day for him...and I'm a nice guy. $2000 in the hole, but nice guy nonetheless.

Again, thank you very much for exposing this scumbag.

Best, Matt Sutton


Robbing Zombie

SUBMITTED: 10:13pm Oct. 31, 2011

We stopped using Spiggle back in June of 2011 but he had contracted us a deal in Buffalo, NY before June. In May of 2011 the bar booked us for Halloween weekend. The bar paid a $600 deposit to David Spiggle back in May of 2011 for a show on October 29th. David Spiggle told the band that the bar had NOT paid the deposit and wanted to pay it closer to the date. When the date came near the band called the bar owner who promptly pointed out that the deposit had been paid months and months ago. Spiggle was contacted and admitted to having received the deposit 6 months earlier but couldn't give the band the money (he was obviously broke as usual).

So the $600 deposit was stolen. Outright theft. The band's relationship with the club is now strained and Spiggle has gotten away with stealing... so far.

Spiggle claimed that he was trying to give the band the deposit, but everything from "Paypal is broken" to "my ex won't let me pick up my son to drop it off to you" came out of his mouth for 3 weeks. Still no money as of the writing of this letter. If you deal with David Spiggle on any level it will seem ok for a while, then wham... He's a very good bullshitter, one of the best and everything is everyone elses fault. Good luck.


Forces of Nature

SUBMITTED: 4:10pm Sept. 7, 2011

Lane productions also took me for $250 bucks .. I am Marc with Forces of Nature out if ohio ... I was contacted by Dave and was told he had room on his roster for one more band .. So I paided my 250 to get on it and never had a show booked .. He said he would list my band on the roster and never did .. He said he would post songs on a website and promote us and never did ..

Well, he is scum .. I just wrote it off until I found this in a google search .. To all who read this be warned .. There are many just like this con artist working the Internet .. This is the only time I've been scammed so I feel lucky thus far at avoiding these guys ..

Ya got me Dave congrats ... Never place yourself in my presents and all will be good




I'm contacting all of you because Lane Productions [David Spiggle] is one of your myspace friends.

We were involved with Dave Spiggle (owner) in January 2008' under the understanding that he would be acting as a booking agent for the band. We paid him a $500 retainer to which he was to book shows for our group. He clearly stated if we were unhappy with his work he would re-fund our money. Through the course of our relationship with him he booked one show for us, which paid $300. After giving him ample time to book dates for our group we decided to end the relationship in March 2008' and have our retainer refunded to us which he said he would do within 2-4 weeks.

It has been 10 months in which he has continued to promise our refund without making any effort at all to refund our money. If you are considering working with Dave Spiggle and Lane Productions I would strongly recommend you reconsider your actions as you may end up in the same situation we are currently involved in. If you would like a record of our bands e-mail correspondence with Lane Productions and Dave Spiggle please e-mail info@vanderpark.com

Thanks very much, Vanderpark


Pretty Boy Floyd


yeah man a couple years back before i got back w the original guys he wanted to book a few shows for floyd. we didnt pay any retainer which u shouldn’t have to do but i noticed his bullshit right off the bat.sorry man,i actually think he tried to book a few shows without our permission and took a few deposits on shows we never agreed on. take care,man i feel ya. pbf.


Ron Keel


Hey guys - Sorry for your predicament. Thanks for reminding me this guy is on my friends list - we'll fix this immediately.

The guy is a snake. It's amazing he's still alive. Your money is gone forever, live and learn and best of luck in your careers.



Once Pure


No worries i know Dave Spiggle and his name is tarnished around here, the only people who buy into his shit are new bands who have never heard of him, he has been around here and there for a while, always up to scheming money from bands..


Noise Auction


Hey guys, I wish I would have known you before you even went into business with that cunt bag! He has taken advantage and stolen from bands from Columbus to LA and we are very aware of his dirty dealings.

We really appreciate the E-mail and would like to offer an invitation to trade shows with you because to the best of our knowledge, the best way to gain fans and not get fucked is to go through bands and not "so called promoters" and "booking Agents" We wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing back from you!

Cheers, Tom Cline

Noise Auction


Josh Kracjik Band


hey guys
thanks for the heads up but your efforts are too late. I'm too tired to go into the details now but know that it has been the weirdest deal in my career. He is obviously a creep and i am now just telling him to book me a show to make our money back. what a douche. live and learn i guess. and trust me you are not the first to contact us about him. good luck i'll be in touch about your correspondence.

cheers, josh


Selfish Needy Creatures


This scumbag has owed me 1000.00 for over a year - he needs his ass kicked for shure...


The Fifth


We had the same experience with him.$500 gone.


The Vague


Yeah We Know All About Him. He Owes Us $100.00 For A Show We did For Him A Month Ago. We Since Heard He Has Done That To Alot Of Artist.


Retrospect Records


thanks for the email - I have heard many bad things about Dave.



Vegas Masquerade


Ha! We was suppose to work with them but something didn’t sound right! sorry guys


Yellow No. 5


Thanks for the heads up. We were approached by him several months ago and thought something seemed shady so we decided to not do business with him. We will be deleting him from our friends list. Thanks



The Burial


He did the same thing to us last summer. We were told he would have us booked full time. He did NOTHING of the sort. Sounds like this guy screws hardworking musicians for a living. sad huh?


Tin Scribble


Thank you so much for the heads up!!! A friends band got burn as well before I entered into any agreement with him. I wish you luck with getting your money back. I hate to hear that hard working bands are getting "ripped off" so much lately. The music business is hard enough as it is.

Best wishes and good luck (If your ever in the detroit area, let me know)





Hey Guys,

It's a very small world. He did that very same thing to us. Glad you are trying to let it be known. We tried that and he threatened a lawsuit so we just wrote it off as an expense. It's people like him that make this industry as messed up as it is. Good luck to you guys. For future deals make SURE you do a background check. We have been through so many let downs because of this style of relationships.

Thanks guys, Andy.Standpointe


Jacklyn Bradley


For us it was a one time deal. We were wanting to tour. He promised way more than he could deliver and then was never heard from again. We demand our money back but off course he kept it for himself.


Hangar 18


Wow. I also had a terrible time working with Dave of Lane Productions. He lies. He told me I was to open for Mark Slaughter and would be paid $400 plus food and lodging. I got a call from the club days before saying that they had no intention of paying me (didn't even need a n opener) and that Dave told them to tell me they were paying me but that he would pay me out of his own pocket. When I confronted Dave he agreed that this was true and told me he no longer had the money to pay-- so had I not gotten the call from the club, I would have had no pay, no place to stay and would have looked like a fool. Oh and the contract he gave me was false. The guy is a scammer.




Thank you for the e-mail. What you describe below is exactly what Dave Spiggle told me he would do for us. In the end, we decided not to pay him his retainer. Just a gut feeling that he wouldn't be as good as he promoted himself to be. Thanks again for telling this story here. Good luck to you guys.



FTF Recrods


Hey guys, Appreciate the email. Our artist Silence So Loud had the exact same experience with them, so we are well aware of his business strategies. I'm sorry to hear that you had to experience it as well.

Hope things work out for you.

- Jeff Gargas, President FTF Records


Bottoms Up


Hey there.. Thanks for the heads up as we were just contacted by Lane Prod & given Daves number to get in touch with him.

Guess we won't be doing that now.

We really appreciate the email. All the best to you guys.



Akaloid Junkie Records


We too had basically the same situation with Dave. My band and I have broken ties with him long ago after a very intense standoff about payment and promises. Good on you for leaving his "agency". Thank you for writing. Keep the warnings going!

-Macy Malone CEO Alkaloid Junkie Records


Saturnine Hello


We had a brief relationship w/ him. we never gave him money but in playing a couple shows with him we were never sent “our check" so we no longer work with him. he is one of many crooked music guys.--rock on--





Thanks Guys. But we have already had the same experience. Actually worse, because he booked us in a few places and we never got paid. He owes us $800, and the retainer. He is a piece of shit, a scam artist, he tells you what you need to hear on the spot and then does the exact opposite. Thanks for the heads up you guys, but we are already there. If you want to book shows in the U.S. I might be able to help you. I book our band and we have toured 4 times in the U.S.

Chris One


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