To set the record straight.... Since this thread in 2006 just came up to bite me in the ass 6 years later...

1. To Kimmi Atwater. David Spiggle is not my partner. He is my friend. I have known Dave for a long time and even though the man Is not perfect like you. He is my friend and no amount of ******** you put out there will change that one bit. No matter how many times you try it will not change who I make friends with.

2. Pay to play... Seriously. I brought pay to play to Cincinnati. Nobody did it hear before me. But many, many have followed in my footsteps after I backed out of the local scene. If you don't want to pay to play then don't. I have said it before and I will say it again. Every band that has ever been asked to sell ticket's for one of my event's had a choice to make. And they either took the show or they passed on it. Either way was fine. But to come back crying after you failled to do what you said you could do. Crying about losing money. Piss off. I don't care. There is never... NEVER anyone there to hold my hand when I have to take my bill money to pay for what the locals fell short on.

3. My career after leaving the local scene has been great. I book tour's for bigger band's now. Names don't matter. If you care enough to know you can find out who I work with.

Honestly though. It's pretty sad that people were talking about me and never even offered to let me put my side in. You all just decided who I was and what I was based on the opinion of other's. Great. Glad to see everyone is smart enough to find out for themself.

Peace out! Back to doing what I love and getting paid to do it...

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