My name is Michael Rand. I own the booking agency Popular Music. I want to state for the record that we have nothing to do with David Spiggle. About 5 years ago he booked a few shows for us, most of all of the shows fell apart. There was conduct by Mr. Spiggle that we felt was unethical. We immediately terminated having anything to do with him. He does not work for us and no one at the agency has anything to do with him. We do not condone David Spiggle's behavior in any way. WE DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH DAVID SPIGGLE IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM. For Kim Atwater to state that we openly associate with David Spiggle is totally false. We have not communicated with him in any way in about 5 years. I do not know Kim Atwater. We respectfully request that the all internet posts regarding Popular Music and David Spiggle from Atwater be immediately retracted and removed immediately.

Paul Riley no longer works with Popular Music. He is not associated with our company in any way. David Spiggle IS NOT working directly under Paul Riley at Popular Music.
Any association they have with each other is their own and we at Popular Music have zero association with either of them. I pride myself on handling our business affairs for the last 20 years as an agent in the most ethical way possible. For anyone to infer otherwise is completely inaccurate and falsehood. In the future if someone has something to say about our company I would appreciate it if it would be at least somewhat close to accurate. WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH DAVID SPIGGLE IN ANY WAY AND WILL WE NEVER BE.

Michael Rand


Feb. 17, 2012 3:05 p.m.: It has been confirmed that David Spiggle is working directly under Paul Riley of Popular Music booking. David Spiggle has offered a KISS tribute band to several bars that Paul Riley works with, including Tink's Rock House in Marion. This says alot about Paul Riliey out of Cincinnati and the Popular Music booking agency located at Popular Music is owned by Michael Rand and based out of Southfield, Michigan. If you are going to use Popular Music to book a semi-national band do your homework. Since they openly associate with David Spiggle and Paul Riley there's a good chance you could get ripped off. At one time David Spiggle was an actual "agent" at Popular Music but was quickly canned after repeated attempts at "borrowing" money from the owner and from various clubs. --Kim Atwater

Jan. 9, 2012 6:05 p.m.: I received a scathing nasty email from the booking agency Popular Music out of Southfield, MI ( today in support of David Spiggle. The email was very vulgar and insisted that this page is in the wrong. They claim that this page is an "unprofessional attack". To be clear, this page is a collection of articles/emails from the VICTIMS of David Spiggle. The horror stories of David Spiggle ripping them off are not fiction writings by me. They are first hand accounts of the victims in their own words. There are hundreds upon hundreds of victims, this page is a very small sampling. --Kim Atwater