Olivia French - So Cal Athletics 16u French '04


This particular bad actor has two parts to her scam.


 First, the membership scam.

    Trying out and hiring ball players is what all travel ball soft ball teams do. What So Cal Athletics does that's different is accepting players, benching them and then firing them... Or, benching them until they quit with little to no playing time. Olivia French does indeed tell the girls that they are not guaranteed play time. Her dirty little secret is that she will keep all $1750 player fees even if they only play one game.  We know of 3 separate times this has happened this season alone (2019-2020). That's about $5,250 that she has scammed from the players. But wait, there's more... this first scam is tied directly to the second scam.

Second, Daddy Ball.

     Most people know that a players' father is often a coach on a team. Most of the time this is not a problem. However, on Olivia French's team, So Cal Athletics 16u French '04 they take Daddy Ball to a whole new level.

     The team owner has a daughter on the team AND there are FOUR coaches with daughters on the team, one of which has TWO daughters. Yes, that's SIX players who cannot/will not be fired or benched... for ANY reason. This makes the playing field very unfair for all the other girls.

     Let's take Roger Ruble for example. He is the head coach and his daughter is by far the worst player on the team; terrible in the field and cannot hit a ball if her life depended on it. In fact, Roger Rubles' child has made FOUR errors in one inning and was never taken out of the game... even as several non-coach related girls sit on their butts on the bench.

     Roger Ruble also has an extensive record of speeding and driving unauthorized vehicles on a public highway.

    Another coach on the team, Matt Gleim has two children that can't really hit the ball consistently, but are consistently never on the bench...EVER.

    Another coach on the team, Bryan Sparks has a child that is actually good. She's a pitcher and can hit the ball well.

    Another coach on the team, Vince Toma has a child that should be watching the game, not playing in it. She is an '03 player on an '04 team, sad.

    And back to Olivia French, the owner and team manager. Her daughter is terrible, all the players talk about it. But, even though she is the TOP error earner and has the worst batting average she never sits the bench and bats in the all important 4th position.

    Many of the coaches and parents talk about the unfair practices of the team and the constant bad coaching but they don't want to make waves and with the politics of this team I can't blame them.


    At best the team is mediocre. But with the terrible coaching and Daddy Ball situation they will never be considered a good team. It's very sad and embarrassing for the girls. We're sorry.


This article is a warning to any girl softball players that don't want to get ripped off and want to actually play ball. Do not go near So Cal Athletics 16u French '04. And obviously the entire organization of So Cal Athletics comes into question for allowing this kind of behavior.


UPDATE: The new strategy for the So Cal Athletics team is to play down, only B and C teams and even 15u teams so they can actually win games. It's embarrassing for them but they just couldn't stand being a losing team any more. So in pool play they win, but finally lose to A teams in the bracket play. Seems pathetic but what else can they do. They're not fooling anyone, especially college coaches.













































































Roger Ruble, very creepy

watch out for this one

Olivia French

Olivia French


Court records show that Olivia French was sued and lost for $2900 by a college.

Bryan Sparks

Vince Toma


Court records show that Vince Toma has two separate arrests for possession of an open flask.

Matt Gleim


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The coaches on So Cal Athletics 04 actually CALL a coach from another team to have an ex-So Cal player kicked off the team!

This has been verified and happened at 6pm on July 7th, 2020. The So Cal coach complained about the ex So Cal player essentially asking for her to be removed from her new team! This is outrageous!!!

UPDATED 7-13-2020

Written by Zeeya Blither - Zeeya is a freelance writer covering youth sports.

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