Beware. This charity has been embezzling money from the organization since Gregory Garcia took over as club president in 2011. The Vice President Spencer Mills placed him as club president. Spencer Mills was also the founder or the club and now he is a crook. By not holding the required annual board meeting, the four of them were allowed to take over without any one contesting it. The board consisted of Gregory Garcia - President, Secretary and Treasurer, Spencer Mills - Vice President, Brad Prebble and Matt Jaekle.


In 2011, the board of directors started emblezing money from the league. Greg started Frozen Ropes and used that as the boards personal atm. the money would be deposited into the Rip City Account. Once the checks cleared it would be transferred over to the savings account and than withdrawn and split up. The board is required by law to have board meeting periodically as well as the annual board meeting to elect new board members. This also requires any financial books to be looked over by the other three board members to ensure no money is missing. With Greg and Spencer in the top, two positions, Matt, and Brad for majority vote this left the board untouchable and no one they are to contest it. From 2011 till 2015 Greg - President and Spencer - Vice President and Matt and Brad board members never had and board meetings or minutes logged, no annual board meeting to elect new officers, no real bookkeeping done and no receipts kept to show proof of money spent. Instead, they were embezzling any where from 20,000 to 30,000 a year. With Greg also being treasurer he prepared the taxes and with the support of the board was able to falsify them and hide their indiscretions. This was not enough for Greg. He also used the organizations as his way to groom his young players to have his own dating pool.


In 2015, they added Chris Rusin and Telia Rusin to their little financial payday. Chris Rusin was coaching his own team with the Accounting wizard Telia Rusin by his side. There is documented proof that Chris Rusin and Telia Rusin were getting regular checks paid out to them personally from the Rip City Board for a variety of amounts. They would receive anywhere from 2000.00 to 3000.00 collectively. Telia Rusin was charging the board to handle to website. A website that she used for her daughter and Chris Rusin team. No receipts were supplied by either one of them to back up the expenses. All this information is public record and provided by the Oregon Department of Justice. They were on top of the world until someone finally stepped up to complain about the way the board members were handling team money. You could contact Washington County to verify a police report filed by a concerned mother who is 18-year-old daughter was having relations with Gregory Garcia. The same police report that forced Greg to resign from the Head Coach Position at Century High School. All tax reports are public record on the Oregon Department of Justice website. 2014/2015 taxes were filed stating the organization brought in around 37,000 and according to bank records the organization brought in closer to 59,000.00. A 20,000 difference. 5 years of falsified tax reports filed with the DOJ and approved by Spencer Mills Vp.


I encourage everyone to contact the Oregon Department of Justice, Washington County Sheriff department to verify this information and come to their own conclusion. Gregory Garcia was finally removed on March 22. Even when he has gone the theft and lies are still going on. The board removed the ones who would expose them. Now with Spencer Mills as President, Alfonso Patino as Vice President, Telia Rusin as Secretary and Treasurer and Chris Rusin they continue to embezzle funds and falsify statements. They have even extended it to a parent on their 10 U team Misty Maller who included her husband A deputy with Washington county canine unit to cover their lies. Ledgers have been turned over to the DOJ showing continued payouts to Chris Rusin, Telia Rusin, Spencer Mills and Alfonso Patino. Unexplained payouts and conveniently no receipts to prove it. Ask yourself how would this get by so many people and not show any red flags unless they were getting something in return. Telia Rusin the self-proclaimed accounting guru never even notified anyone.


They have been trying to shift the blame and get the heat off them. You will also see a Go fund Me Page asking to help save Rip City. Ask yourself if they are saying the lost 3350 why would and officer of the board be asking for 7000. Than ask you with the season ending soon what is this 7000 going to be used for. They claim their team of 10u players Chris Rusin team is not able to play. Every tournament they have signed up for is paid for and the total was around 2450.00. Again why 7000.00. Maybe for Fonzi and Spencer team. Hardly since fonzi was holding on to a check for 7000.00 given to Rip City just so he could make sure his team only benefited from this check. A team ran by the President Spencer Mills and VP Alfonso Patino. Why would telia and Misty highlight the one team who is not hurting financially? Are you aware that at the time this all happened Greg was coaching a 12U team who he left in broken mess and collected thousand of dollars from? Did you know that even when Greg was kicked out of Rip City that the board allowed Greg to use rip city money to pay his airfare, room and board and tournament fees to take his team to Oklahoma City. Totally over 2000.00. That money would come in handy. Or that the board Spencer Mills, Alfonso Patino, Telia Rusin and Chris Rusin falsified reports in order to tear the 14 B team apart and leave in shambles. With the help of Misty Maller - President of a non-profit in banks- and her husband who has taken an oath to uphold the law and protect. Its time to say enough is enough. Its time to let Spencer Mills President of Rip City - Alfonso Patino - Vice President Telia Rusin Secretary and Treasures, Chris Rusin that its time for your players to come first and not their own teams. A board is supposed to focus on the organization not the two teams they coach.



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