VividSeats Promised a full refund of $720.90 for cancelled event within 2-4 weeks. 5 Weeks later changed their policy!!! No refund offered!! Chicago Illinois

Concert scheduled for March 18th was cancelled on March 13th due to COVID-19 with an email describing our full cash refund will be applied within 2-4 weeks with NO ACTION REQUIRED. If we wanted a voucher for 120% of the ticket value, we had to act within 72 hours. I did not want the voucher so we did not act.



-April 15th, Vivid Seats sent an email directly to my Spam Inbox, nearly 33 days later (5 weeks) saying NOW that action was

 required within 7 days to receive the full cash refund WE WERE ALREADY PROMISED IN WRITING on March 13th. Otherwise, they would automatically apply it towards a 110% purchase value voucher.


I did not receive the April 15th email within a timely manner because it was sent directly to my Spam inbox, while their advertisements were still being sent to my regular inbox. I spoke at length with the company, via web chat and phone call and they refused to honor their original promise of a full refund. They waited until AFTER they were supposed to have already refunded our money to change their policies. This is fraud. We were promised one thing and given something else that we did not agree to that has less value than the original $720.90. We cannot use this voucher as we cannot attend any concerts in the future, making the voucher far less valuable to us than the $720.90 owed to us.


The company is refusing to honor the agreement made on at least 3 occasions (via email, and multiple checks on their website for updated policies over the following weeks. They intentionally waited 5 weeks to change their policies to keep our money. Matt G., the rep I spoke to last, agreed that they SHOULD have honored the original agreement, but they "can change policies whenever they want" so there was nothing they would do. We will be disputing this charge and will go to any legal lengths to receive our full cash refund as promised. I have the emails in question and will be happy to provide you with them.





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